On our way west! ROAD TRIP.

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Will be nice to hit the road with Katie for a few weeks.



1/4″ hail on the weather deck here in mukwonago.

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Heavy rain the next few days.   If anything good comes out of it, at this should clear the rest of the salt off the road.    Get those bikes ready!

How the AWD Works and Why it’s so COOL!

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I get this asked alot, so here it is from the Man himself, Steve Christini and Racer Wild Wally Palmer!

AWD Christini!

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Are you ready to try one for yourself?

Ready for action at CJD tech weekend 2012!!

Rockerbox 2012 – BE THERE!!

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Hope to see you down at Rockerbox in Milwaukee.  Aug 4th 2012

Be sure to keep an eye out for the AWD KTM 950 Adventure Army bike, ” The General”.

What is Rockerbox?


Video from 2012


Sign up reminder for 2012 CJD Tech – Rider Workshop Weekend

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This weekend we will be putting on the finishing touches for the event.   Food and activities.     Last weekend we sent out emails to everyone that was on the list requesting feed back if you are still planning to attend.

If you have not sent any thing back you will be considered scratched from food count and Riderwork shop to allow others to take part.   Roll-ins are welcome to stop by, just be warned we might not have food for you then.

I want to make sure everyone has the chance to attend and get the most out of this if they want to.  If you did not recieve an email update and thought you should have please send us an email with this info:

Send an email in titled “Tech weekend sign up” to :  Katie   @ cjdesignsllc.com


-Contact info:  phone number, email address, city/state you are traveling from

-Bike info

-What tech stuff you would like to see covered

-Camping / Hotel

-Days you plans to attend

-Riding experience. 

Just let us know if you’ve been on gravel, will you have nobbies on the bike,  do you want to have nobbies installed here at the

-What was your last off road ride like?

These help to setup the event to best serve You.


This is what we have jotted down so far so you have a basic idea- More to follow.

CJ Designs Tech Weekend 2012
Tentative Plan
I. Wednesday, July 25
arrive any time after 2 pm for tent setup
– 4 pm- Bike night/dinner – AWAY from CAMP. ( Quaker Stake and Lube, New Berlin WI.)
– 8 pm- time for late arrivals to set up tents
– 8:30- 10pm, start bike tear-down for demonstration valve check if we are up to it.
II. Thursday, July 26
– valve check demonstration (9 am start x 8 hours of work)
– Lunch
– oil change/drain hose install demonstration, water pump rebuild
– 3 pm clean up
– 4 pm- dinner and bike night at Harley Davidson Museum (AWAY from CAMP)
– Kurt from 3BR Powersports electrical accessories demo
III. Friday, July 27
– start at 9 am, finish valves as needed
– Lunch
– Tire change trail side demonstration
– Rear shock removal demonstration if requested
– Suspension setup and sag if requested
– 5 pm dinner -AT CAMP
-6-8 pm, open Q/A session
– Kurt from 3BR Powersports electrical accessories demo
IV. Saturday, July 28
Rider workshop starts at 8 am sharp
– Wrap up and begin cookout at 5 pm – AT CAMP
– 6-8 pm discussion on trip packing/planning –  Open Q/A session
V. Sunday, July 29
– 9 am sharp start for rider workshop/open riding
– Noon Workshop ends/tech weekend wrap-up


Monday I need to get a count in for food prep of Lunches and Dinners.

See you all Soon!


Central Wisconsin Adventure Rider Rally 2012!

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If you’ve not been to this event yet,  What’s Stopping you?   “Voted best motorbike rally in a Billion Years!”

It’s a great time to meet fellow riders and hit the trails in the north woods of Wisconsin,  Plus GREAT Beer!

August 3rd – 12th

2012 High Pines Resort and Proving Grounds Eagle River, Wisconsin 

More info here!

We are planing to be there Wed  the 8th – Sun the 12th.

See you on the trails,




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