West Virginia, Day 1

Craig has been frantically working on prepping the bike and now packing it for the trip to West Virginia.  Getting a late start today, as Craig, Joey, and Mark were up until 3 am last night working on trying to get the bike ready.  So, now, it’s as if the house exploded and Craig is working on getting things packed onto the bike and on the road.

I think that CJ needs this time on the road to decompress and destress; a chance to forget about the normal stresses and focus on riding.  Hopefully he won’t catch too many of the storms that look like they are en route to West Virginia.


2 Responses to “West Virginia, Day 1”

  1. PowerCell Says:

    I’ve noticed that working on your bike until 3am the night before any extended trip seems to be a theme with you. I think your ridding buddies should trick you into thinking the rides are actually a day earlier so you’ll get things ready on time… 🙂

  2. Believe me, I have tried this type of trickery, and it hasn’t seemed to work with CJ. What can you say, CJ just loves to be fashionably late.

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