West Virginia Trip

          CJ has just head out for a bike trip to West Virginia.  This is a trip to scout out some new and fun trails as well as testing out some products and the AWD KTM 950.

          The destination is Matewan, WV, which is on the Kentucky/West Virginia border, about 15 miles north of Virginia, in the heart of coal mining country.  

Matewan Map

          Matewan is on the Hatfield-McCoy Trail System, which span a number of counties in West Virginia, accessible to off-road vehicles and hikers (ATV, Motorcycle, hiking, biking, horseback riding), managed by the state and counties.  This trail system spans 500 miles, making it the second longest trail in the world.  The trail system was named for two feuding families along the WV/KY border country during the mid-19th century.   The story of the feud is somewhat convoluted, but it had to do somewhat between the union and confederate loyalties, the murder of a McCoy, the ownership of a pig, and inter-family affairs.  Luckily, the 2 clans agreed to a stop to the fighting in 1891.  There is a lot of other history to this town/region, including a Matewan battle (with respect to the coal miners), multiple floods, and other such events. 

I wouldn't want to mess with these Hatfields

           In short, the group of riders will be staying in Matewan and will lodging at the Blue Goose Saloon, catering to riders, owned by riders.  It appears to be a comfortable and affordable stay owned by riders who really know the area.  Some of the riding to be encountered can be viewed in these clips:

           On this trip, CJ is using and testing a variety of gear and products.  He will be wearing his KTM Adventure AQ Jacket and pants, which he has used and has served him well for a number of trips.  Weather here was 47 degrees when he left Milwaukee, so he left wearing some a very used Gerbing’s heated jacket.  He will be trying out for the first time some Held Warm ‘n Dry and Namib gloves.  He will continue to use his Alpine Star Scout Boots and an Icon Variant helmet. 

            We’ll continue these posts as the week progresses to get some updates on the trails, lodging, the terrain, and the good times.


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