West Virginia- Days 2/3

I have had limited communication with CJ these past 2 days, as he is not able to make or receive calls unless “on the top of the mountain.”  He has managed to send some photos with some limited text, so I will share that with you…

Looks like warm weather, but the leaves are not quite out yet on the trees.

It looks as if Matthew is having a good time with some challenging terrain:

Picture above not too clear, however, CJ’s text when sending me this photo was: “Day one. Steep, rocky trail. Matthew down.”  That about sums it up, I’d say.


One Response to “West Virginia- Days 2/3”

  1. Matthew Fehrmann Says:

    Yep, that unclear shaky shot is me, the bike was tired and so was I so it took a nap on the rocky uphill of trail 23.

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