My Thoughts Pay No Attention Here

Blue Goose Inn Matewan, WV

Hatfield and McCoy Trail System

The first trail riding experience of my life time could not have been at a better place, of course who am I to judge since it was my first true trail ride, but that is my story and I am sticking to it. This by far was as much fun as I have ever had on 2 wheels and just because this was my first trail ride does not mean that I have never had any fun on a motorcycle before.

To say I rode GREAT would be a lie but I did learn a thing or two about having a ktm 950 adventure off road and it was a great ride for me, I still have that grin on my face sitting here in my living room as I type this so to say I am hooked…well that is the truth and it will only get better from here.

What I am really looking forward to, even though it is a little too soon to be thinking such things knowing what lies ahead in four short weeks with the Alaska trip, is my return to Matewan to run them again to see just how much I can improve. After riding 3 days there, I know I felt better each time I went out and more importantly feeling less pain at the end of the day.

What I will remember most about the trip was my feeling the first ride on the first trail of the first day. Hear I am with some good riders and I am picking my bike up for the first time and I have only been a 1/4 mile in, this is going to be a long week. In the end I did fall more than anyone, actually I may have been the only one to put my bike down at all and there were plenty of reminders of that fact over the week but it sure didnʼt stop me.

I hope they have me out again for another ride after all it was the most fun I have had on two wheels.

Matthew Fehrmann

The Blue Goose Inn: This is the place to be if you are a rider looking for stories and insight into the trail system. Bill and Theresa the owners of the Inn actually play a major roll in getting new trails cut and are constantly scouting and riding places to expand their system, trust me they know these mountains like the back of their hands. Not only are their rooms comfortable but they can throw down some great meals too so if you are thinking about riding these trails look them up you will be glad you did.

Photograph by Craig Johnson


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