Heidenau K60 Scout tire Report



21″ front

Front 21" K60 cj designs test.

150/80-18″ rear

rear 150 K60 cj designs test

 Matthew and I are getting ready to head out in May for a 15-20,000 mile dual sport trip to Alaska from WI then down to Mexico and back home.  These tires are on top of our list for the trip.

These have been getting great reviews and I needed to get some first hand experience so I could start answering all the questions I’ve been getting about them and see how they work.

The last few years I’d been touring on a Dunlop 908RR rear and a Continental TKC 80 front.  I have over 20,000 miles on this combo now.

I’ve also run the Rear TKC 80 in 140 and 150 sizes and don’t like the life I get out of them.   I get about 2x the miles on a rear 908RR and better off-road traction.

Keeping these notes in my mind as I test these.

After the 625 mile ride down on a geared up 950 ADV, the tires looked just as good as the day they went on.   Great road manners, no vibes.  Much better than the 908RR. 

I was very happy with these on the pavement the entire time riding down, but the real test for me was in the dirt.

On the dirt…. well…. we didn’t have that option first, it was slime.  The rear worked very well.  Much better than I thought.  Its deep lugs and chevron pattern cleaned out well.   I would say its equal the Rear TKC 80s.  In the mud they dug down to find traction.  I was very happy.

The front tire in the slop struggled to hold a line.  I find this with many tires on a big heavy bike, so it was no surprise.   I find the TKCs tend to pack up in mud, and it felt like that.   There are also no large side lugs like an all out off road tire.  These side lugs help grip the sidewall of the sloppy ruts.  The K60 has a rounded outside profile.  Great for the road, not so great off road in the wet.   Slow going is a must.   I did find they cleaned out well, but keep the speeds down.

The front tire in the dry gravel and hard pack work well with good braking and hook up.  They felt like the TKC again.

Now add AWD to the mix and it changed things again.   Under power the front wheel would pull well.  Once it got sloppy, I could gas it going through a mud hole and it would help pull the bike out.  The cross bars acted like a paddle.  The ruts were still scary because you would slide down to the lowest point.  This caused me to have 2 crashes when I tried to push it to hard.  Nothing beats a true off-road tire when it gets muddy.

All tires are a compromise on a Dual Sport bike.   I feel the front tire is a very good 50/50 tire.  The rear worked great too.  It felt like a 40% on road, 60% off road tire. with no vibes on the freeway.   I ran the recommended pressures on the tires for the entire time.

This update is after the First day of trails.  The pics shown here and above are after that first day.

K60 FRONT on AWD 950


150 K60 REAR on 950 ADV

Overall, I am very happy with rear tire and feel they will be a great tire for the trip we have in mind.  The front tire will be very smooth on the freeway, but I still have another day of off-road testing on these before I swap on another Heidenau front tire. 😉


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