Shorai USA Batteries Update

Matthew had a chance to get some miles and testing on these new Shorai batteries on his KTM 950 ADV.  Maybe he’ll chime in with a personal review.  I have not had a chance to test this personally as I decided to part with my battery to help out a fellow rider in a pinch.  I’m waiting to get one of these patiently too.

Unfortunately, supply has been an issue. 

Here is an update from them:

“Thanks for your patience everyone.  We had expected stock arrival on April 25th, but hit a delay of about 10 additional days due to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  As such, we expect new stock arrival to our Sunnyvale warehouse between May 4th and May 7th.  Hang in there! 

We apologize for the delay. In the long run, we believe that continuing to improve the best powersports battery can only be a good thing for all. Thank you for your patience and understanding.”

We have these listed on   Get your name on one now, and we will get these shipped out as soon as they show up.


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