WV trip Day 2 April 10th

I’m half a day behind the crew.  After a many late nights of bike prep, last night I got a little more sleep, but still up at 6 am (ET) to be on the road by 7:30 am.   Temps were in the low 60s F and overcast.   I decided to run the heated liner at the last minute, but no long johns today.  I was hoping it would warm up.  🙂

But will it START????

REWIND TO LAST OCT 2010:   I ended last season on a low note, a battery drain that was a challenge to trace down.  It would leave me with a dead battery every so often.   I did a complete frame swap during the AWD build up.  Fearing that I had created a short, I was ready to strip the bike looking for a bad wire.  Luck was on my side when a ran across a post on ADVRIDER.   I found that I had plugged the carb heaters into the ALL TIME POWER plugs, not the SWITCHED POWER plug.   This would cause the carb heaters to turn on when ever the temps dropped  (at night, when it was cooler).  Leaving me with a charged battery and hard to find drain after getting done with a ride but a dead battery in the morning.   I hoped that I had found it as I have had no riding to test it over the last 6 months.

BACK TO NOW:   I turned the key and all looked well.   Hit the “Magic” button it fired off.  🙂   NO problem!  But I was a little scared.

I had gassed up last night so I hit the road with only about 225 miles to Matewan.  I hoped to get there by noon. 

It was warming up and I was glad I stopped when it got dark as the riding today was a joy.  Twisty roads in Kentucky and the smell of spring in the air.  The Freeway ended and onto tighter , curvy 2-lane roads.   The Heidenau K60 Tires were holding the road great and I was having a great ride as the temps were in the 70s F.

Everything went great until I crossed over the bridge in to West Virginia.  I was looking for the Blue Goose Saloon, expecting it to be on the “Main Drag”, but It wasn’t.  I kept going and ended up in North Matewan.  Asked a local to help me out and said I passed it. ????  I needed to turn down a small road as the new road bypasses the OLD town.

Turned around and slowly going down the main road Matthew must have heard me as I see him waving me in.   Finally, I made it.

I see the guys chomping at the bit the get some riding it today.  It was cool of them to wait for me to join in.

Unloaded "Ready to Ride" Pic from Wayne Petrie

It took me about an hour to unload, shed some layers, refill my Kriega Hydro 3 and be ready to hit the trails.

When I’m on the pavement for an extended amount of time with no dirt in site, I pull off the drive chain to the AWD system.  It saves some unnecessary wear and tear.  Takes me about 10 min to put back on once I hit the trails.  I am testing an O-ring Chain on this trip for longer life and see how it would work out compared to last season of running a NON O-ring chain.   Time will tell, but it fit in with no mods required.   I like that upgrade option.

The past few seasons we (Wayne Petrie and I) have put together smaller group ride around our state in the spring and the fall.   This year I had a trip planned to head south and a few local riders were interested in joining on the this week trip.

The riders on the trip were:

Dan on a 2008 KTM 690E from IL

Dennis on a 2008 KTM 250 xcw 2 stroke from WI

Matthew on a 2006 KTM 950 ADV from OH

Wayne on a KTM 560SMR (setup for Dual Sport)  from WI

Me on a 2006 KTM 950 ADV “S” with 04′ “S” suspension and Christini AWD from WI

We had planned to ride with Jason from WARN Industries, but a little mishap earlier this season left him in an arm sling with a busted arm.   Sad news for sure, but we’ll get down there again and ride.  Heal up fast Jason.  It was nice to see you again.

WV had gotten a little rain the day before and Bill told us the trails might be a little wet. He handed us a few maps and the general idea of the trails before we headed out to explore for the afternoon.  How long would those nice clean bikes look like that?   It was about 80 F now and around 1:30 pm we hit the trails.

The trail starts across the street from the main intersection, well-marked and easy to find.   WV has hills and lots of them, the first climb was a bit of a challenge on a large bike.  The trails still a little slick and slimy.  We would make it through this first challenge wondering what else these trails have in store for us.  Climbing many switchbacks we arrive “On top” where trail options opened up.   The trails are marked like a ski hill with Green/Blue/Black and single track with trail numbers.  Easy to follow.  We were off!

Dennis on his White KTM 250 Pic from Wayne Petrie


Craig/ Dan/ Matthew (Left to right) Pic from Wayne Petrie

Well…… the bikes didn’t stay clean long.  There were plenty of mud holes and slop to get those bikes looking better.

After 45 miles of trail and 15 on pavement to get back home it was a full day of riding.

We arrived back home with news that we could have a Chicken and Potato Dinner at the Saloon tonight.  That sounded great to everyone and no need to head out and search.  We all headed up to get cleaned up, and grab some beers for dinner.   Theresa is a great cook, so don’t miss out if the option arises.  Everyone was full and happy.  A little sore, but ready for the next day.

I end up with 281 miles for the day.


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