Culinary Pursuits

We are making lots of plans for this Alaska trip.  In an attempt to: 1. eat healthier on the road (more veggies, proper portions, and fewer preservatives) and 2. save some $ on food (to avoid restaurants and expensive camp food), I discovered a web site, backpacking chef, that has lots of guidance and recipes for do-it-yourself dehydrated camp food.

So, I cracked open my food dehydrator and went to work, drying anything and everything.  I finally have assembled some complete meals, and am in the testing phase of the meals.  Today, we tried jerk chicken and pasta marinara with peppers.  Results are pictured below in both pre-cooked and post-cooked forms (keep in mind they taste a lot better than they look, we’re not going for presentation points here):

Pre-cooked Jerk Chicken (Left) and Pasta Marinara (Right)

Jerk Chicken (left) and Pasta Marinara (right)

Although the cooking times and water quantities were a little different from what was recommended, the food turned out good.  Filling and pretty tasty.  A few shakes of Lawry’s seasoned salt was a good addition to the jerk chicken.  To test the portion size, I did a single serving of the marinara, and I doubled the recommended serving size, as CJ tends to have a big appetite.  It appears as if the double portion will be better.

The cost per (double) portion is about $4, which is significantly less than the ones at the camping stores.

So, the testing went well; now on to dehydrate some more!


One Response to “Culinary Pursuits”

  1. mdfehrmann Says:

    Yum! Looking good! I’m hungry.

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