Shorai Review

With a few miles under my belt this year and a dual sport outing in Matewan WV the Shorai battery is performing perfectly.  My first reaction to seeing this battery and holding it in my hand was “This is light are you sure this is a battery”  I did a good job of abusing it on my ride to WV. First off was the cold and rain and I had my heated grips on high for 200 miles of road work in the pouring rain, to top it off I was listening to some music through my autocom, and running my GPS and it never gave me a hint of trouble as far as the battery went.  It is true about what you read on a cold morning start with the first click of the key the head light comes on dim but as the battery warms up from the power being on the bike fires right up and spins fast.  After a little trail riding (like maybe 100 feet) I dropped my bike for the first time, I’m good at that, and you know what a flooded motor starts like, well lets say I was never hesitant at spinning it up for long periods of time to clear the fuel and get the 950 started again.  I proceeded to drop my bike several more times and every time the battery never hinted at slowing down and always got me back on the trail.  This battery just flat out works and is an easy way to drop some major weight.

This is a side by side comparison

The battery is small so it comes with all kinds of foam to shim it into place.

Final product ready to drop into the 950.


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