WV Trip April 11 Day 2

DAY 2!  

We are all staying at the Blue Goose Inn.  Your one stop shop for trail info.  Bill and Theresa have so much knowledge of the area because of the many years of hiking and setting up many of the trails in the Buffalo Mountain and surrounding areas, there is no need to look far for helpful info.

You can also get your trail pass there too.  $50 for the season out of state and $26.50 for instate riders.   This allows legal access to hundreds of miles of trails around the state.

We would be riding the Buffalo Mountain area today.  The trail books lists 86 miles of trails.  (but there are more opening this month to put that at about 100 or more)

The trail breakdown for this area is:

Easiest- 55%

More Difficult- 16%

Most  Difficult- 8%

Single track for BIKES- 20% (More difficult/Most difficult)

Extreme Difficult- 1%

Bill and Theresa have a great backyard for riding and their trail marking and scouting skills are amazing.  They ride out in the hills looking for new Deer paths to turn into single track for the motorcycle riders.    If you like single track and want to find someplace new.  This is it.  Load up your trail bike, helmet and gear,  plated or not and head down here.  It’s worth the drive.   What’s also great about it is the elevation is just like home.   No need to rejet or worry about altitude sickness.  We were riding at about 800-2,300 ft.

After a very late night of beer, great food, and conversation we got rolling for our second day on the trails.  Bill handed out some maps and we were heading to Williamson via trails to get some lunch.   The sun was out again, but a little cooler than yesterday.   This felt much better as we were used to 40-50s at home in Wisconsin, not the 80s down here.   It was a shock to our system.  Many of us had not done any riding this season yet.  Not only would this be our first trip of the season, but the first  trail miles too.

Matthew's trail ready bike, the gang getting ready.

Gassed up and ready to roll around noon.  (It will be a late lunch in Williamson 🙂  )

We’d ride up to Delbarton and hop on the north end of the trails there.  A  Green trail (#14) to warm up a little.   Even though it’s a green, there is still plenty of fun to be had with switch backs, hill climbs and rock. 

Matthew warming up on the climb.


Dennis ripping it up on the 250.


Dan on the 690.

  The trails had dried out a little.  Traction was great, very little dust and making great time….. until we had phone jump ship and decide to get “LOST”. 

Looking for lost phone???

Dennis spun around on the 250 and shot back down the trail to find it.    You know what always happens next…..  Dan looked in the map pocket of his tank bag and found it.   😉    So while we waited for Dennis to return we tried to get some phone calls in and send some pictures back home.    The place most of us got Cell reception was out on the trails in the high mountains.  Dennis enjoyed his ride and we were off again.  About 2/3rds of the trails ahead of us before lunch yet.

A bit down the trail we found a “Fun” obstacle.

Downed tree across the trail.

 A little team work and we all passed safely.  Rolling on down the trail.

Trying to figure out what the heck this is?

Having a bit too much fun in the lead, I took a wrong turn.  Requiring a turn around to venture down a trail to find this old mining machine.   Any ideas?

That afternoon we made it to Williamson for  lunch.  Starters is a pub/grill that welcomed us for food on the main the drag.  They had good eats and fair prices.  It was getting hot outside and the air conditioning felt great.  Williamson is one of the larger towns in the area.  If you needed any supplies on this end of the trails, this would be the place.  It started looking grey in the sky and the wind picked up.  Looked like a storm was a brewing. We thought maybe to holdout there, but it never came, so we hit the trails again before they turned into a muddy mess.

Everyone was doing great on the GREEN trails and after getting thought the hard sections on those with little problem, it was not to try some BLUE trails.   (#42,55,58)   This was a little tighter and twistier, technical ATV trails.  Lots of fun on a big bike.  Trails that require you to pick good lines, but with out the tightness of single track.

After that in order to make some time and not run trail we already had done, we hopped back on the road.  You can’t go wrong here.  Pavement this twisty is just as fun and a great way to cool off.  We’d be looking for a turn into a water tank access road that would allow us back on the trail.  Turned up the trail to find a backhoe and construction crew.  Slowly proceeded apprehensively figuring we’d get yelled at the leave, but no.  I was surprised the worker told me “20 min we’ll have the culvert back in and he’d fill in a path for us to cross over and get to the trails”.   WOW.   The locals sure like trail riders.   It was the end of the day and he stuck around to help us out.  We took a break and watched as they worked.   He finished up and waved us over telling us it’s all done and have a great time.    What a great area!

Back on the trails we still found some mud holes on the way home.  We wouldn’t want these bikes to get to clean.

2 big V-twins in the mud, and no these aren't HOGs.

 Matthew and I are using the Alpinestars Scout boots keeping us dry for the second day in a row…. can’t say that for the other riders….. I now have over 25,000 miles on these and they are still holding up great.  I’ve tried many Dual Sport boots over the years.  These have been the best I have owned.

Arriving back at the Blue Goose,  Bill met us in the lot to see how the day went.    We all had great things to say.     Then he asked what our plans were for dinner.   No clue???   “How about Steak and potatoes?”    No one refused that.  🙂   

Another fabulous meal with a few beers and good buddies.    What a great day!

 The weather held off and we got about 60 miles of trails in.


One Response to “WV Trip April 11 Day 2”

  1. mdfehrmann Says:

    Seeing these pictures puts a big smile on my face.
    What a great place to ride, and great company to share it with.

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