We just got back from West Virginia and one of the items tested was a lower Temp Switch for the radiator.

What’s the big deal about this?

It kicks the fan on at 30F sooner.   I found that it would go on BEFORE I got to 5 bars, not after.   This will help keep the bike cooler during trail riding.  COOLER IS BETTER!

This is an OEM Quality Switch kit built for the KTM 950/990 Adventure, 950 Super Enduro, 690 Enduro, 990 Super Duke, RC8 & RC8R, 950/990 Supermoto & Supermoto T,  690 SMC, 690 Supermoto, 690 Duke.

How do you install it?

Drain the coolant, take a 24mm Deep well socket and remove the stock one.  This kit includes a new o-ring, so just put the sensor in and refill coolant. 

This kit is now in stock for $60.00  (Email us to request it, not on site yet)

KTM Sensor Kit

This is the perfect upgrade when doing the water pump rebuild with the CJ Designs Water pump kit.  

 KTM “Recommends” rebuilding the water pump every 10,000 miles.    That would be 2-3 times a year for me.  NO WAY.

OEM on the left, (Leaking) CJD on right, (Still good)

My kits include my own custom built shaft that will last 15,000 miles or more.  I pulled a KTM shaft at 16,000 miles that had failed and it had grooves .006″ deep.  I pulled my prototype shaft at 16,000 miles to compare (it was not leaking) and it had zero groove depth.   I would have put it back in, but I decided to put a new shaft in of my current offering.  These coated and harder than OEM.   After Alaska I’ll have about 20,000 on it, and I plan to run it until I have an issue. (If I have an issue.)   These kits are in stock now ready to get you going and keep you going all season long.   I also offer a 10,000 mile warranty on the shaft.  No else offers that. 😉


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