Old and NEW. We just keep building them stronger. ūüėČ


Stock basket PN #60032001144 $473.98 (Price 2011)

I offer this as a swap/ core charge, rebuild service.

I try and have a few built ready to ship, but I need the stock ring gear and guts to assemble my basket to.


Price for this basket built, ready to install is ??? ($450 last run, to give you an idea.) We are working on pricing this run 2011. This will depend on how many we make.

If you just want the basket and you do the install, price is ??? ($365 last run, to give you an idea.) (drill press or milling machine/ Arbor press is needed to remove the stock rivets and install new rivets, not recommended unless you are very experienced! )

There will be a $350 core charge added on this. When I get your basket back, I will refund this amount when it arrives. If you want to send me your basket first for rebuilding there will be NO core charge. If I have them in stock you should have a new one in 2-3 days (USA). If not, 4-7 days after I get more cores in. I need the cores back ASAP. If I don’t get it back in 2 weeks or less AFTER you have received it I may need to purchase new baskets just for the gear parts. I will deduct $50 each week after that from the core refund. This is to motivate you to get this back to me ASAP.

These prices do not include shipping. I will ship outside the USA. Money order/ Cashiers check is preferred payment method. PAYPAL¬†PAYMENTS will add 4% to cover fees. I’m giving you the option, so you can get this as cheap as possible. Otherwise I could just jack the price up 4% and not offer this. Your choice. (Outside the USA/Canada-¬†PAYPAL ONLY)

I will also have case cover gaskets and Water pump kits in stock as this is the perfect time to replace that when the side cover is off.
If you need just a case cover gasket I can send that with the basket.

2ND RUN ready to start soon!I’ve had riders waiting over a year for this next run. I’m very sorry for the delay. Now is your chance. I’m hoping to get this started this month, ready to start shipping July/Aug.

I’m looking for numbers to give me an idea of how many to make. The more I make the cheaper they will be.

This run I plan to offer a pre-purchase discount if you want to pay the FULL amount (Larger Discount) or 1/2 deposit (less discount). I’m still working on the final numbers.¬† Discount will only be offered for a limited time.

The reason I am doing this is so that I know how many people are serious. This is an expensive and time-consuming part to make to have people back out and screw it up for others.

I’m doing my best to keep it the same price as last run. I hope to have a final price and Discount options posted soon.

I pulled my basket out at 20,000 miles. The Rekluse and fibers didn’t even touch the ear surface. NO grooves. In the past I had to put a new basket in every 15,000 miles.

I’ll be having this worked on while I’m gone. ¬†I’ll be gone May 18th-July 18th? Putting another 15-20,000 miles on this basket. I’ll report back on the life once I’m home. I expect 50,000 on this basket by the end of the season. NO other basket would I trust in my bike.

If you are serious please send me an EMAIL so that I can contact you when the time is ready.  This discount will END once I get my final count.   I need to have this count in by May 18th.

Why would you want this??


Thank you and have a safe riding season.

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