Alaska On My Mind

Durning the frozen months we have in the upper midwest there was a lot going on in prep for the trip.  I decided it would be best to heat only the house not the garage and workshop too so I pushed the bike inside to the living room so I could preform some necessary maintenance and upgrades.

I installed a switched accessary fuse block to run all the little extras, like the GPS, Heated Jacket, Heated Grips, Warn Winch, and Autocom.  I used the same stock fuse block already found on the KTM 950 Adventure and put it in the glovebox.  This worked out very well and is easily moved to the side for maintenance.

I also sold off my FMF Q4 pipes and installed CJ’s 2 into 1 system with a Remus Titanium silencer, if you have not considered this before I highly recommend this upgrade it’s worth it’s weight in gold (or lack there of)  This sheds some additional weight and makes room for a tool tube on the other side for the essentials or extra fuel.  I immediately went out and got it dirty and my first impressions is there is an improvement in the lower rpm range to help pull you through when the trails get technical.

to be continued…


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