Alaska Trip 2011

This year we dicided to go big and try a longer trip than any of us have ever done before.   Our last big trip was 7,000 miles in 3 weeks (WI to Goose Bay- NFLand)  Katie and I did this 3 years ago, both riding out on our own bikes .   Our trip this year will more than double that mileage and time.

All of the team members are busy getting ready for this 2 month adventure.    We have decided to ride from Mukwonago, Wisconsin, (Milwaukee Area)  to Kodiak Island, then up to Purdue Bay.   I’m sure we’ll find dirt and adventure along the way. 😉   On our return home we will try to follow the Continental Divide south through the Rockies to Mexico.   

We have a 3 man team of bike riders.  All on 06′  KTM 950 Adventure bikes.   Matthew (from Cleveland, OH) , Ardie (from Queensland, Australia) and me ,Craig, (from Mukwonago, WI).     My wife, Katie, will be flying into Anchorage, AK to join us from May 28th- June 12th.  During this time we will be taking the ferry to Kodiak Island.

She will fly home from Fairbanks on the 12th.     Katie and I will travel 2-up on my 950 during that time.    Camping and living off the bikes as much as possible.    We will be experiencing travel in Planes, Boats, and on the Bikes.  We have no support crew following us, so we’ll deal with anything as it comes our way.    Over the 15,000+ miles of this trip our plan is to give feedback on the products we are using on this trip to help you understand what it takes and how you can go have your own adventure ride.   

We hope you follow along on our journey, and to help you keep track of our location you can Click HERE for updates.  Feel free to give us feedback and ask questions so we can try to give you information that is important to you.   Every bike as it’s own unigue setup to help us give you the best real world feedback. 

May 15th Ardie and Matthew will arrive in Wisconsin.

We leave May 18th so only a few days left to get bikes and gear prepped.   This will be a crazy week for all.   May 17th we hope to travel to Southeast Sales, our local KTM LC8 DEALER, for farewell pics.   There team has been a great help and have an amazing selection of bikes in stock.   This will be in the evening, we’ll updates times as it gets closer.  After that we’ll head over to a local bike night to hang out.

Welcome to the USA Ardie!

Ardie is going to make me look short…..  That doesn’t happen often.

That’s all for now….. back to work for me. 🙂


7 Responses to “Alaska Trip 2011”

  1. Dude! Thats fantastic. I’m going to try to pop into SE Sales to wish you guys a great trip.

  2. Hope you all have a great and safe ride.

  3. Clif Brown Says:

    Have fun! Love that country up there, especially by bike. Looking forward to the RR’s from this trip!

  4. Brother,

    Have a great ride but skip the God awful Dalton Hwy to Prudhoe. Right nearby is the EXTRAORDINARY Dempster Hwy in the incomparable Yukon. It’s amazing.


  5. wpetrie Says:

    I can already see the incidents of “Bigfoot” sightings going way up in the Pacific Northwest! That guys a monster! He makes that 950 SE look like a TTR 225.

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