Alaska Prep update 5/12/11

It’s now Thursday.  We leave in less than a week.  YIKES!!    Tues was a bad day for everyone here as we fell under the weather and shop work slowed to crawl.  Fearing I’d be sick for several days, I was worrying even more that our departure date might be missed.    I made a few calls to some good friends and it would look like I would have helping hands for the next few nights.  🙂

One bike still needed some major work ( Ardie’s) ,  we needed to swap out the frame because of some paperwork issues.   Not wanting to take this on by myself as the last thing I needed was to drop a LC8 engine on the concrete, I waited for help.   Some jobs go so much easier with a second set of hands.   Turns out I felt much better Wed, still weak, but I was able to function again.

Mark was able to give me several hours of help Wed night.  We worked from 6-10pm draining fluids, pulling parts and getting it ready to drop the engine tonight.   It was a very productive night and very helpful to have a hardworking helper like Mark available.   I appreciate your time Mark,  THANK YOU very much.

We ended up here:

How to cut a 950 ADV's weight in half.

This  bike started as a 2006 KTM 950 ADV standard.   We will be building this into a 2006 950 ADV “S”,  taller suspension to help Ardie any way I can.   Build up should start tonight.

Lots of work being done and need to be done yet.

No end of FUN in sight here....

 Back to work now, keep you posted how tonight turns out.


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