Working hard

The guys are working hard at getting all 3 bikes ready to go for the trip.  Today we took a trip to REI and WalMart for some camping supplies.  Ardie is getting used to driving on the right side of the road.  I think Matthew and CJ might lead a little at first to make sure Ardie doesn’t forget we are not in Australia.  I think Ardie is a little concerned about the colder weather.  He might need some heated gear to get him across the Rockys.  We got all of the necessary items in our shopping trip today, now it’s hard work on the bike.

Matthew put on the large Aqualine tanks today. 

Ardie and Matthew putting on the Aqualine tanks


The three stooges and the Aqualine Tank

CJ’s bike is not all together. 

The front wheel needs to be attached to the frame!


CJ and the Jalopy

Had a cookout tonite, some Wes and Leah from next door stopped by, as well as CJ’s friend TJ.  I have been trying to make some common Wisconsin food for Ardie- I have filled the fridge with Wisconsin beer, and tonite we had some brats.  They are back in the shop working until who knows when.
Meanwhile, our house has become a repository for all things motorcycle and camping.  It might be good when I can get a little order around here!

The kitchen

 I hope tonight is not too late of a night- I have a feeling they’ll be working into the night.

One Response to “Working hard”

  1. Unseasonably wet? Hope you guys have GOOD raingear, it’s been unseasonably wet everywhere and shows no signs of letting up…
    Hope it dries up a bit for your adventure.

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