Full Moon over Mukwonago

Another productive day here at CJ Designs.  Today, CJ continues with his bike work, Matthew is nearly ready with his bike, and Ardie takes driver’s ed with me.

CJ continues his quest for completion of his bike.  The front wheel is now on the bike, which is progress!

Ardie wanted everyone at home to know that he was doing work here.

Matthew and Ardie are trying to figure out the tool box situation on the bike.  They are problem solving different ways to keep the lid onto the box.  Once they come up with an idea that seems right, Ardie and I go to Sherpers, our local outdoor/military surplus store, to check out what might be available to work out.  So, into the city we go to pick up some box fasteners, as well as some beer and a pump washer.  Ardie is cracking me up with his American observations as well as my observations of Ardie.  Interesting observations/learning opportunities:

1. Ardie is still trying to comprehend driving on the right hand side of the street.  Today, we did a tutorial of right hand turns.  In America, you can turn on a red light, provided you stop at that light and there is no “no turn on red” sign. 

2. It is illegal to keep open containers of alcohol in your vehicle.  Even if it’s just the passenger with the open container.

3. There are no drive-thru alcohol stores in Wisconsin.

4. People look funny at others who are over 6’6″, no matter what nationality you are.  But, if you have a funny accent, it makes those people look at you a little longer.

5. I struggle with fully understanding Australians.  I am learning and trying.

6. Ardie got carded for buying beer at the grocery store.  After studying his driver’s licence, I am pretty sure that the check-out lady thought he was from California.

7. Ardie is quite fond of Point Amber beer.  Good choice!

All told, we had a good day.  Wayne and a friend Mark came over this evening.  Tonite is Tuesday, which means Taco Tuesday at CJ designs.  Mark and I grilled up some steaks for some steak tacos.  I had to warn Ardie about the spicy nature of the whole jalapenos, however, he decided not to heed my warning and place a large slice on his taco.  I believe he has now regained sensation in his mouth.  I bought some frozen custard for the guys, so as to get a culinary experience of Wisconsin (brats/cheese yesterday, a fridge of WI beer, and custard tonite). 

It’s a full moon tonight, and my phone is not downloading the photos fast enough.  I will post them asap.  Otherwise, the guys continue to work on the bikes, and I need to head to bed.

Moon over Matthew


More to come!


8 Responses to “Full Moon over Mukwonago”

  1. Anita Davidson Says:

    Well you all seem to be having enlightening life experiences and you haven’t even left yet! Keep laughing and I hope you can still keep writing while your away. I’m cracking up reading about your preparation each day.
    Certainly sounds like you’ve got some different road rules as well as driving on the wrong side of the road! When you come over here to visit we’ll take you to the drive thru to buy alcohol – just like Macdonald’s. Throw a shrimp on the BBQ. We’ve got lots of thongs at the front door for you to wear around the yard (on your feet that is!)-don’t want you bringing a whole lot of dirt inside. With a bit of luck there might even be some kangaroos hopping thru our paddock!
    We’ll help you understand Australians -maybe!!! You’ll be able to talk funny here but you won’t find any frozen custard. WT..
    Stay safe all of you. Anita & Nick

    • HA! You just threw in all of the Australian zingers I’ve been having a tough time with! That’s great! Perhaps we’ll throw a shrimp on the barbie tonite!

      • Anita Davidson Says:

        Hi all, I laugh every night when I get to read the days events.
        A paddock is rural term for a backyard-usually quite large from an acre to hundreds of acres. May or may not have cows, horses sheep etc on it. We live on a 5 acre block with one cow-Annabelle.
        Now I don’t want to be picky, but I want you to to pass all the ‘Aussie’ language tests! “It’s a ripper” & “It’s a cracker”-subtle difference. Always used describing something you really like or worth recommending to use, see or have. Clear as mud?
        Catch ya later

      • Thanks for the tutorial! I suppose that our backyard is a paddock, then. Ok, now here’s my Aussie sentence: “I love my new thongs, I wear them at the pool or walking around my paddock, with my new sunnies. They’re a ripper. But if they break, it will be no drama. Now I need to go to the servo and buy some paw paw ointment.” How’s that? I need to get to Australia ASAP!

  2. we can’t have open beers in our cars? holy shit after all these years. 😉

    at least you have a Donk. *runs and hides*

  3. hi sis its ardie hows things any way i thoutht cracker was spelt cracka ??? it been preety mad with 12 oclock night finishing working on bikes we just have to finish craigs today all the rest are good to go talk soon

  4. Anita Davidson Says:

    hi bro, good to hear from you! Love following the blogs each night. Piss myself! Ok you can spell it cracka! Keep teaching them Australian! What about Ssssweeeet! Marcs going over to babysit K1 & K2 this Sun till Wed. Aaaaawwwww. Keili lost a lot of weight today when she was passenger with Mum driving. Scary s..t! You teaching the Aussie swearing-Wanker, Dickhead, Your a Wolly etc etc. Remember they call G-strings a Thong! WTF! Keep laughing and ride safely on the wrong side of the road!. I certainty won’t be driving with you for a while after you get back! lol

  5. Anita Davidson Says:

    Hi katie, what a sentence! You’ll fit in fine-but I think some of your American friends will wonder why your walking around your backyard wearing only a thong & your sunnies!!!!!!!!What a cracka! They might think you’ve gone a bit wacko, but Jacko down the road will drive you to the shops to buy some togs for you to wear around the pool while your sipping a bundy rum and assure you your not troppo!!!!! Have fun translating. lol
    I’m plotting the guys trip on google earth-when you’re not toooooo tired, i’d appreciate more names of towns & places they’re going thru to plot. Take care & enjoy the quiet.

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