A quiet, rainy start to Wednesday

It’s early and I am the only one up here.  Looks like a soggy day today and a bit cold.  Plan is to finish the bikes today and then hop over to bike nite.  We’ll see how that pans out. 

Some more differences between Australia and Wisconsin:

1. We don’t have wallabies here in Wisconsin.  But Raccoons are similar enough.

2.  There seem to be fewer and smaller birds here. 

3. Ardie has informed me that the grass is different here than in Australia. 

4. Ardie is amused by the size of things here.  Bags of chips, huge containers of milk, food is packaged larger.  “That’s why you all have such big cars here.”

5. I am suspecting that Ardie might want to buy one or several vehicles.  Loves all of the big American cars!

I’m off to work today; will post later on.


6 Responses to “A quiet, rainy start to Wednesday”

  1. Russ Kaye Says:

    But we don’t have road trains or Vegemite.

  2. Yes it’s early considering how late you were up feeding us all! Thank-you, great food. It was a late night working on the bikes, again, but we got quite a bit done. Ardie’s bike is starting to look somewhat complete and Matthew’s is ready to go. Now Craig’s is another story! Hopefully he’s completed most of his by the time I’m writing this. It’s been a big project but the trip will make it all worth while.

    Isn’t it amazing that Ardie is surprised at our big stuff – coming from a guy that’s 6′ 8″! You forgot about the Turkey’s in your back yard…none of those in Australia. They were pretty active last night.

    • I know- right? I figured Ardie would eat an entire family size pizza in one sitting. I was a bit surprised too that he thought that food items were bigger here.

  3. Keili Adams Says:

    Message from Australia to Ardie: FORGET ABOUT BUYING ANY CARS!

    • He’s already picked up some car/truck buying advertisements. I’ll steal them and throw them away!

      • Anita Davidson Says:

        You’ll be stuck with Ardie forever if he looks toooo hard at cars there! Tell him his sister’s keeping an eye on him to.

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