It’s rippers vs. It’s crackers- We’re learning Australian!

Got home from work today with a pizza that is gigantic, according to Ardie- but not the largest size at the pizza place.  Again, with the monstrous American food.  It seems as if the guys had a productive day today.

A Rainy Morning


I called CJ over the noon hour, to hear some crazy noises in the background and a tense voice on the other end.  “There are some issues with Ardie’s bike.”  I know enough to get off the phone when I hear that.  So I’m wondering all day if there is some fatal issue with the bike.  So after work, I call up CJ again, and it turns out everything is alright.  In fact, Ardie has taken the bike out around the neighborhood.

Matthew continues to work on his bike- he’s working on the sidestand currently.

Matthew's (Left) and Ardie's Bikes are nearly ready to go.

CJ continues his all-wheel drive saga.  I am not mechanical, but I do know that his bike looks much sadder than the other ones.

CJ's Bike. Not quite ready to Go.

I continue my quest for understanding Aussies.  Here are some more linguistic nuances of Australian:

1. “It’s rippers,” vs. “It’s crackers.”  Two phrases to describe if something is cool.  I am still trying to figure out when something is rippers vs. crackers.  This is one of those linguistic mysteries that perhaps you have to be born south of the equator to understand.  All I know is that when I called something rippers, Ardie corrected me and described that it was actually crackers.  Any feedback from the readers on this one? 

2. “It’s mad.”  Funny little saying to describe that something is neat/cool/interesting. 

3. “No drama.”  Don’t worry about it.

4. “Paddocks” Now, I am really trying to understand this one.  I still don’t really know what a paddocks is.  Is it the backyard?  Is it the patio?  Is it a pasture where cows graze?  Can someone enlighten me?  Matthew, CJ, and I had this conversation, and we still can’t seem to figure out what a paddocks really is.

Doing some laundry

Our new plan is to get the bikes ready to go tomorrow and head to the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee for Thursday Bike Nite.  I think we’ll actually make this one.  Then, a good night’s sleep and off Friday morning.  I hope that they can achieve that goal.
Photo downloading stalled now.  Keep posted for some riveting video and photos.  Onwards and upwards!

One Response to “It’s rippers vs. It’s crackers- We’re learning Australian!”

  1. Big J and Kezza Says:

    Hey Big Ardie………… How you enjoying the US? I see you had a couple of issues at customs? I wouldn’t doubt it mate! We cracked up when we heard you were were “blown away” by the size of the meals there……… suits you down to the ground though hey. We know you will have an awesome trip, but please stay safe……….! I hope everyone liked the Bolle’s I gave you? cheers for now and we will be following your trip daily mate…….. i sent the link thought to Danny & Tracey too. Big J and Kezza.

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