Some more prep pics

I got some photos off of Ardie’s new camera of the bike prep.  Enjoy!

Matthew's new Aqualines

Matthew gets new Aqualine tanks for his bike.

CJ Designs Clutch Cover and Footpeg Extension

Ardie’s bike: a closeup.

Matthew gets a toe on the ground on Ardie's tall bike


Katie the Grillmaster

have found one of my new culinary interests: grilling.  Thusfar, CJ has been the grillmaster in the family.  However, at times there are quality control issues, as he tends to put food on the grill and then walk away and do something in the shop.  15 minutes later, we have something brewing in the shop and a bunch of charred hamburgers.  I must admit, I kind of dig grilling- standing out by the grill with a lovely beer and some nice conversation.  Thanks Mark Q. for teaching me some grill skills! 

Seasoned Flank Steaks, onions, jalapenos for Tacos

Tacos turned out pretty good this time.

Bike Nite and the Harley Museum

The guys really enjoyed the Harley Davidson bike nite.  This happens at the HD museum every Thursday night.  Ardie thought this was just a once-in a while event, since there were so many bikes.  Milwaukee has some awesome bike nights nearly every day of the week.

Bike Nite

We had lots of people stop by and say hi or help out.  Below is Wes Orloff, our neighbor.  He’s got great taste in bikes!

Wes comes over on a sweet ride.

 It looks as if the fellas are in Minnesota now, outside of Albert Lea.  Great weather today!

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