They’re OFF!!!

After working many days with very little rest, CJ, Matthew, and Ardie have finally left Mukwonago, headed north and west.  Today was the best day so far this week, they left in weather that was sunny and about 68 deg.  We have quadruple checked that they have all of the essential items: passports/Visas, money, ATM card, credit card, driver’s licence, insurance card.  As for the rest- it they forgot it, they will just need to buy it. 

I am sad to see them go, I’ll surely miss Matthew’s laugh, Ardie’s observations on Americans and his colorful vocabulary, and CJ’s conversation and hugs.  2 months is a long time!  Although I am sad, I am a little glad that now I can get my house is proper order.  A little peace and quiet is just what I need now, but I have filled my days until I leave for Anchorage with working overtime and packing.  I am also glad that the lads are off, they were getting a little stir crazy with all of the bike work.  This vacation is a long time coming for all parties.

Unfortunately, I deleted my photo of all 3 of them on the bikes ready to go.  Matthew has one, so he will have to post that.  I have some last-minute prep photos I will post later on, though.

I know that the guys have lots of well-wishers for this trip.  I know everything will go great for them, and this will be a wonderful trip. 

Safe Travels!


6 Responses to “They’re OFF!!!”

  1. Joathan Says:

    Bon voyage, boys.

  2. That must be a picture of Ardie carrying Matthew around on his shoulder 🙂 I don’t think they qualify for the halo’s! Have an epic trip guys, I know you’re all ready for it. Wish I was coming along.

  3. I hope your travels are full of sunshine and smiles, just NO LEAKS!


  4. Auf weider bye-bye boys. Remember, rubber side goes down. Otherwise, damn the troopers, full speed ahead!

  5. david kilkenny Says:

    is that “rippers”????

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