Ardie with His Pants Down…

It’s been a few long days on the road and we have quite a few miles, or km’s to make up.

The road was closed with flooding and mud slides so we made a huge detour today.

The roads were fantastic but on with the photos.

Bike 1

Bike 2

Bike 3

Ardie riding with his pants down, something was said about salt ring….don’t ask me.

Must be an Aussie thing.

Some 10 year old on his dads bike?

Looks like I could fit in the side case.

Quote Ardie “61 kilos throwing around a 317 Kilo bike?  Crikey!”


4 Responses to “Ardie with His Pants Down…”

  1. Ardie sure makes a LC8 Adv look small!!

  2. Are you keeping your location a secret? Where are you guys? You talk about fantastic roads, flooding and mud slides, but all we’ve seen is bikes on slab. Just sayin’.

  3. GREAT to see you on the road…I hope you have an awesome trip.

  4. Questor Says:

    CJ – The Army bike looks great! Have a great trip! See you on the return route.

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