On the Road Again

So far we have seen…
-little more rain
-2 Bears
-2 Bald Eagles
-Bob Cat
-some beautiful country

We have also had…
-1 oil leak
-1 fuel leak
-1 bad head light bulb

Kurt at Black Dog Cycle Works for some minor repairs
Thanks Kurt!

Fuel and Oil Leak Taken Care of.

Fancy Breather Fix for the Oil…It’s now oiling the chain.

Ardie napping while Craig and I tend to the bikes.

In Ardies opinion this was the most important upgrade made to the bikes.

The Wolfman bag contains Katie’s home made jerky which is right next to

the bottle opener. This was not on accident and was carefully thought out.

Road in Canada


2 Responses to “On the Road Again”

  1. Lets hope not, but should a coolant leak arise, Matthew is your resident expert; and he loves him some glycol too! Just ask him.

    May the Moto Gods continue to smile upon you.

  2. Make sure that fancy chain oiler isn’t oiling the rear tire! Especially on wet roads. Don’t ask how I know this is bad! I know it can end up in broken ribs and torn up knee!! 😦

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