What’s a girl to do alone in the city… Spend money!

The guys continue northward, and as a result of them getting a late start, I have more time to myself here in Anchorage.  Today was a good day here, the weather was sunny and in the low 70’s.  Not bad.  So, I am able to bum around town and see what’s the haps here in Anchorage.

Staying at the Arctic Adventure Hostel during my stay here.  It’s pretty much your run of the mill hostel, but it’s cleaner than most I have stayed in and outside of the downtown area.  And, includes a hot breakfast.  I have encountered all of the typical hostel folks here; here’s some of my run-ins with them…  In an effort to save $, I am staying in a 3- person bunk room.  Last night, I assume I rudely awoke my Taiwanese roommate when I came in so late.  I tried to be quiet.  We met this morning briefly, however, I think she was either afraid of me, angry with me for coming in late, or doesn’t speak any English.  Either way, she briefly woke, then took a nap until after I left this morning.  When I returned this evening, she was gone.  So perhaps that means I have the room to myself tonight.  It also appears that Mr. Underpants has left the hostel; Mr. Underpants being the dude who thought it was alright to walk to the shared bathroom and back to his room in only his underpants.  Maybe he was European.  Well, at least they weren’t bikini or holey underpants.  Another hostel staple is the patchouli-scented guest.  This morning, it was a lady who was strangely looking out the window- she appeared to me to be an android or zombie.  She gave me one brief glance, and then continued to stare out the window (at a parking lot).  Well, when her ride came, she proceeded to spray something all over her billowy hair.  I didn’t catch the whiff until she was gone, but that patchouli scent lived on for quite some time.  I was slightly teased this evening, when I took the #2 bus from downtown back to the hostel (I would advise not spending as much time as I did in the bus station), there was this motorbike with some metal sidebags.  From afar, I thought, “could this be so?  Is that CJ’s bike?  But where are the others?”  As I got closer, I found that this bike is a lovely looking Triumph ridden by a Brit.  Brit plates; he/she must have shipped the bike.  I have yet to meet this rider.  Who I thought might be the rider, when I asked him, was some German who is getting back from climbing Mt.McKinley.  

What to do today?  I walked into downtown- about 1.5 miles away, and checked out what that has going on.  Pretty much mostly touristy shops selling all sorts of Alaska-related knick knacks.  Unfortunately for my checkbook, there are also a bunch of galleries, so I had to partake in a little retail therapy.  Thank goodness stuff can be shipped home.  Good things to check out in Anchorage are: the Alaska Federal building the DNR or whoever set up a little nature museum and there are helpful people there to talk to about things to do in Alaska.  And it’s free.  I also hit up the Anchorage Museum.  It’s got great exhibits of Alaskan artists and history.  Well worth visiting.  Last time we were here, I had a reindeer hot dog.  I thought it was good, so I when I went to get one, there were 3 street vendors; one with a million people in line, and 2 others with no one in line.  Well, with me trying to be different (or trying to not have to stand in line), I chose the cart less traveled.  I think that was a mistake; the reindeer dog was decidedly bland.  Then I went to some chowder restaurant for dinner.  Not impressed.  All I look forward to is getting some fresh fish and cooking it on the campfire.  Tomorrow is the Saturday market in town, so I look forward to that.  I hate to spend the $ to have a drink in a bar, so I went to get some booze.  Remembering that one of the house rules at the hostel is no Alcohol.   So, I got a little sneaky and bought this juice-box looking thing of wine.  I thought the Taiwanese girl might tattle on me if I cracked open a beer.  We’ll see how the box of wine goes.

Other than that, it was a good day.  I surely miss being on the bike.  I think bike travel is much more fun than plunking down in a city and bumming around.  I look forward to being on the bike, watching the scenery and smelling the air.  It’s always so fun to ride around all day, make camp for find a motel, and then have dinner and drink some beers with your group.  I can’t wait to buy some halibut and cook it up on the fire.  I can’t wait to hear the stories that the guys have to tell. 

Until then, I must wait it out, hang out with my new hostel friends, and sneak in boxes of wine to my room.  Perhaps later, I’ll take a trip to the bathroom in only my underpants!


One Response to “What’s a girl to do alone in the city… Spend money!”

  1. Al &Terri Says:

    Hang in there, we are heading out Sunday morning. Hope to see you all June 11th.

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