Another great day

Well, as I wait patiently for the fellas, I get to enjoy another great day here in Anchorage.  However, I am certainly ready to head on out and see some country.  Today, I went to the Anchorage Botanical Gardens, which is quite lovely, with a nice nature trail and several gardens.  Got a chance to load up on my vitamin D today- I think I might have gotten a little too much sun today.

Finally had a decent meal in this town.  I went to the Moose’s Tooth Pub and Pizzeria for a terrific selection of tasty beers and some really good pizza.  Got a large jug o’ beer to share with the guys when they come.

It looks like the guys are on the border of Yukon Territory and Alaska.  About 8 hours away.  Awaiting patiently for them.  Then, onto the ferry to Kodiak on Tuesday.

Addendum to this entry: new spot GPS locator looks like they have crossed the border and are now in Alaska.  They made it!!!!!!!!!


2 Responses to “Another great day”

  1. Anita Davidson Says:

    Nice to see you’re having some R & R after the boys busy exit to their marvelous trip Katie. Safe riding. Give Ardie a hug from me on the 22/6…his birthday and tell him to have a drink or ten from me

  2. 22/6? you mean 6/22! Oh, quirky Australians!! I won’t be with them on 6/22, but I’ll relay to CJ and Matthew to give him a big kiss on his b-day!

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