Always Behind on the Posts

Seems tough to find WiFi through Canada and when we do find it

there is always so much to do but I will try and keep the images flowing.

We are in Tok AK this morning headed for Anchorage now, and a boat

to Kodiak tomorrow.



5 Responses to “Always Behind on the Posts”

  1. nice pics. It looks cold. Close to 90 here.

    Do I detect a little crash dent testing?

    Keep em coming!

  2. Nice pictures Matthew. Looks like you’re getting into some pretty country.

    How are the Heidenau tires holding up? You should have about 4,000 miles on them so far? Tell Craig to quit being so tight lipped and give us an update on some of the gear so far.

  3. This is the aged couple you met in Tok at breakfast. We are on your traiil and looking foward to learning the testing results! Forwarded your web site to my son who drove the AlCan in a motorcycle(BMW).

    • Hi Guys, It was great to chat w/ you over a great breakfast.

      Glad you see you found us and hope you enjoy the journey.

      Thanks and Safe travels.

  4. mdfehrmann Says:

    Wayne, we have almost 5000 miles on them now, they are holding up awesome.
    The front is like iron, the rear is a bit more than half done. I took pictures of them today so a post will follow shortly. They are waring very evenly and between all 3 bikes with varying weights are waring at about the same rate. Over all we are very impressed.

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