Ardie and the Bears

We have seen over 30 black and brown bears since we entered Canada.

Bears make Ardie really happy!


5 Responses to “Ardie and the Bears”

  1. Anita Davidson Says:

    That’s a cracker! They must be far enough away…that’s why he’s happy. Mapping all your stops on Google Earth. Awesome-keep having fun

  2. KlrKlown Says:

    Just don’t want to get too up close and personal.

  3. Does Ardie always wheelie when he’s happy? I’m afraid to ask what he does when he’s ecstatic?

    30+ bears – cool! I can imagine a hungry bear wandering into there camp some night and thinking: Matthew, pah, too small. Ardie, crikey, too big! CJ, ah yup, just right! Sorry Kate, just sayin’.

  4. Aww crap- JT, I hope that hungry bear doesn’t wander into camp and take a bite out of one of us. It seems like they’ve encountered more bears than we had met last time we were in Alaska. I guess the only “bears” Ardie are used to are the cute cuddly Koalas.

  5. Our Grizzly bears are cuddly too – only in a BDSM kinda way.

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