Where Did Artie Go?

Can you find him in this picture?

Look really really hard and squint your eyes and you might see him.


8 Responses to “Where Did Artie Go?”

  1. What *exactly* is he doing to that tree?

  2. Hugging trees in Alaska, knocking them over in Austraiia boy how you”ve changed big fella

  3. Us guys all get ‘morning wood’ but really…

  4. How come Ardie isn’t authoring anything? Maybe Aussies can’t read or write. I want to see what an Aussie accent looks like.

  5. that’s a bit hash JT… no american spelling to start with

    made it to the track recently? have you done the cornerspin thing yet?

  6. Ah, just pulling his chain a bit. Did you misspell ‘harsh’ purposely so we could see an Aussie accent?

    Lost the “shirt” just this last weekend at Summit. Podiumed with a 3rd, LOL. ‘Spin is should definetly be my next step.

    How ’bout you?

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