Some more pics

We have finally made it back into an area with wifi.  Here are some recent pics:

I do believe that the turned up side of Matthews bike would make a great picnic table. Thanks Matthew- I'll make the sandwich!


Do you see anything unusual in this pic?


We met a miniature bike enthusiast who wanted to take the KTM for a ride.


A little Rolly Free action on the KTM.


CJ is getting to be quite the celebrity. The question of the day: "Is that a WWII motorcycle?" Answer: "No- it was built in 2006."


Both hands on the handlebars, mister.


We determined that this tiny waitress weighs about as much as a full tank of fuel.


We’ll get some more pics on the blog.  Right now, we’re in Fairbanks.  The guys will be servicing the bikes tomorrow; I will be returning back home.  Unless I accidentally miss my flight…


6 Responses to “Some more pics”

  1. Mike Swanson Says:

    Matt is still leading the tip over race I see!

  2. 12 gauge bars! Bear repellent.

  3. Hey Ardie, make sure you bring those handlebars home with you. There’s some big black bears over here too!
    Keep up the great work guys.

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