Alaska June 18th

We woke up to clear Blue skies in Chicken, AK.     Heading back into Canada today on our way to Inuvik.

We’ll be back in time to the D2D rally in Dawson.  See you there.   Hope to have a few days there to get caught up and meet riders.

Safe travels,



One Response to “Alaska June 18th”

  1. Carl Trexler Says:

    We spoke briefly at D2D about the Klim gear you rode in. I was Carl on a GS1200 I had the 4 10s to win the poker run riding around with Earl the guy and the Harley that did the poker run as well. Nice blog and sounds like a good trip. Hope you come back next year. Earl might hold a party after d2d at his compound in Clinton Creek YT. Played around the mining roads near Clinton creek for two days after D2D on the way home to Anchorage. Alas one river crossing I filled the engine with water. Dam low BMW intake. Thankfully Earl has a full garage in the middle of no place and no harm done otyher than lots of oil needed.

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