From Ardie’s Eye

Here are a couple snaps from Ardie’s camera.

He even sleeps with his camera around his neck…That could be scary.


One Response to “From Ardie’s Eye”

  1. Anita Davidson Says:

    Congratulations on having such a successful adventure. I come home every night a look for updates and pictures. HAPPY BIRTHDAY little bro for Wednesday. Hope you have a wonderful day. Have a couple of drinks for me as well!! Everything goin well here-except for the old guy who was driving down one of the local Woodford streets today and blacked out and drove into the back of my car. WTF. I’d just had it waxed and polished-obviously he was dazzled by it. Long walk to Kiljoy. Not driveable cause the drivers side back wheel is turned in towards the passenger side. BUGGER!!!
    All your girls are being looked after. K1 & K2 have won over many hearts. Nick’s Mum Stayed with Mum for a few nights and K2 was trying to sit on her lap. K2 would weigh more than Maureen but she still gave it her best try to sit on her bony little legs.
    K2 was trying hard to be the party girl and stay up late last week when we went over to your place for dinner. She was sitting on the 3 seater in the middle between Marc & Leigh. Tiredness over came her and she amused a whole room of us as she fought to stay awake while sitting up. Next thing she collapsed onto Marc absolutely fast asleep. Sooooooooooo cute.
    Ask Marc about the fun morning he had on the first stay with the girls when you get back. Very funny. K1 is so excited when Marc comes home. Is a race to the door with her little sister. 100+kgs running towards you!!!!!!!!
    Wait till you see our new baby cow-Surprise Baby Bob. Only knew Annabelle was preggers 10 days before she her bub. City girl certainly getting countryfied
    Stay safe all of you. Look forward to hearing all about your trip.Love Anita Nick Marc and Leigh. XXXXOOOO

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