Above the Arctic Circle Twice

We have been North of the Arctic Circle twice now and this last trip was fantastic.

I am going to use this post to get caught up on some photos since we have

not had stable WiFi since Fairbanks.  Here it goes.







Haul Road

Chicken Alaska

Dredge Buckets

Ardie playing barber

Camp in Fairbanks

Chena Hot Springs

Hot Spot Cafe

The Arctic Circle

Haul Road to Deadhorse

Good and Dirty

Arctic Ocean


Looks like the moon


Haul Road South

Atigun Pass



8 Responses to “Above the Arctic Circle Twice”

  1. Great pics! It’s nice to hear from you all. I like the arctic ocean photo- I thought Ardie was going to jump in… So, what’s with CJ with his arm around you- I suppose it’s that hot little number of a rainsuit you’ve got on. Keep posting! Miss y’all!

    • mdfehrmann Says:

      Aww Thanks Katie. I miss you too, and I said just that a couple nights ago, Craig agreed without hesitation. I’ll keep posting don’t worry.

  2. Dieseljo Says:

    I have been following you guys every day… These pics are just more of the unimaginable, must see to believe. You are very lucky men… I am soooo looking forward to the campfire stories when you get home. Many well wishes for you on your safe travels. Dieseljo

  3. mdfehrmann Says:

    Joe, Glad to see you following along. I can’t wait to sit down and tell some stories, show some pictures, and do some more riding. Be well and see ya soon! Matthew

  4. Anita Davidson Says:

    Your a brave man CJ….Ardi cutting your hair, beer in one hand and razor in the other!!!!!!!!! You don’t look anesthetized….
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY little bro. Hope you have a great day. I don’t know if you got my post I sent yesterday. I haven’t had time to check thru which one I sent it from. So just in case, a 80 yr old man blacked out and ran into my parked car at Woodford yesterday. $7000+ damage and without it for 2 weeks. BUGGER!!!
    Keili offered her car, so we went down to get it today and played with the girls. They were smilling bigtime. We stopped in a at Koala cars at Strathpine and found the ute we wanted. Nick pics it up tomorrow. They even traded in the big green beast. We spent heaps of time on net looking at utes. We decided on 2006 onward Toyota Hilux Workmate 4 cyl 2.7cc manual cab chassis trayback petrol. This one is all of above white 2007 model with 56000Ks on it. We’re very happy.
    Looking forward to hearing all you stories and seeing the pics.
    Stay safe and happy travelling. HAPPY BIRTHDAY again.
    Luv Anita Nick

  5. WOW! Fantastic! Having watched a few episodes of ‘Ice Road Truckers’, its cool to see some of those same roads not covered in ice and snow. I think you are going to need one of my 4K psi water blasters to have any chance of cleaning the dirt off those bikes though. I am so envious of you three.

  6. CJ’s hair looks like it was cut by a drunk Aussie! Well ok, it’s not that bad. I have to agree that he was pretty brave to let that go down.

    Katie, you have to realize that these boys get lonely up there with no girls around!

    Amazing stuff guys, great pictures from all of you. That Atigun pass picture looks like it could be a pretty intimidating ride – high, cold, snow and nasty weather in general. Matthew – how are you fairing? I know this was a major step up for you but it looks like you’re doing great and enjoying the trip. Ardie seems to have adapted to the Northern Hemisphere just fine! Enjoy your time on this trip – it’ll be over before you know it and you’ll wish you had more time! Craig – RELAX!

    • mdfehrmann Says:

      This trip is amazing, the things we have seen and done there are no words to describe.
      As for the riding, I’m doing just fine. We have all had our moments in the mud, the gravel,
      and the river rocks, but there seems to be no other bike out here that can do what we have done
      at the speeds we are running. I’m having a blast, learning a ton, and enjoying every minute.

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