Can anyone guess what Ardie is holding?

Give it your best shot.


12 Responses to “Can anyone guess what Ardie is holding?”

  1. Oh, no you didn’t…

  2. hehe, that’s funny.

    It is a pipe. A drone pipe or Didgeridoo.

  3. Anita Davidson Says:

    Ardi did you take that magnifying mirror from your bathroom????????

  4. The sole remaining whole piece of an old chair that Ardie sat in? Which is why he is now sitting in a wrought iron chair?

    ‘Chew, all good on the home front. But cutting your grass is for suckers!

  5. Well obviously, it’s a baby seal club! (that’s my attempt at sounding like I know what I’m talking about)

  6. Not only can I work on weird KTM hubs but I realize I’ve been north long enough to recognize a Walrus wienie!!!!

  7. I’d say by the ginger care taken in holding that walrus wiener that you probably won’t be bringing it back? And how did you find it???

  8. Carl Trexler Says:

    An Oosik. AKA a Walrus dick.

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