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After several days or weeks by now we finally have internet and cell service.  Funny how the woods and sides of the trails don’t offer internet or WiFi and my tent is missing the electrical plug.  I’m happy they don’t so don’t get any ideas, being unconnected is awesome and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

In Dawson City we met some cool cats from Australia that were riding from Deadhorse to the tip of South America.  Campbell and Jock are riding for a cause and they have set up a blog and website all about their ride.  We had the chance to cover some ground with them for a couple days, and met them again further down the trail as well.  Check out their site for their plans.

Headed down to the Canol Road which was an awesome, hardly talked about, stretch of dirt.

Stopped in Faro an old mining town for lunch.

The motor was still warm in this truck but there must have been someone there to help before we got there since it was deserted.

Campbell and his DR650 on the Canol

It’s a long way down from here

The road is beautiful




One Response to “Back to the Blog”

  1. Anita Davidson Says:

    Welcome back guys!!!!!!! can’t wait to see more pics & stories.

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