Jasper Banff and the CDT

As we descended out of the great north it was nice to finally start having sun sets but we had to start planning our days better and getting on the road earlier in the day.  When there is 24/7 of light you sort of loose track of the days, the times, “Is this a week day…what day is this?”

Waterproof boots are fantastic until the water is too deep then they become buckets on your feet

Mobil Office

Headed into Jasper via some high speed dirt

Hello tourist town, oh ya is Canada Day weekend, fantastic!!!

Entering the park was like walking into a freezer, the temps here were all over the place

Here is why, BIG chunks of old ice left laying around everywhere

Time for a new shield, this one is very hard to see from even when clean

Illegal fire…This place said it was illegal to pick up firewood from the woods

even the stuff already on the ground, this we thought was ridiculous.

We are getting closer and closer to the US border, won’t be long now.

Canada is nice but we were ready for less expensive fuel, food, and drinks for sure.

Canada you sure are dear!


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