CJ DESIGNS Tech weekend 2011

We had a great weekend despite the heavy rains on Saturday. The rain slowed us down a little for the riding part, but everyone that showed up with the willingness to learn sure had the chance to pick up some new skills and travel tips. Joey did great helping us all, thank you so much. You’re knowledge, energy and patience is amazing

On Sunday the sun came out and the track conditions improved and became a blast. We had a fun track day running the trials courses and just hanging out. I think Joey had TOO much fun on the 950 SE though.  😉   We’ll have to work on that for next year.

It was a great group of riders and a pleasure to meet everyone.   Feel free to post your comments or thoughts so we can make next year even better.

We’ll be heading up to the WI Central ADVrider Rally mid week, so I hope to see you all up there.

Joey showing how it's done on the BIG KTM 950 Adventure. Rider Training 2011


One Response to “CJ DESIGNS Tech weekend 2011”

  1. Talk about top of the chart fun! I will never get sick of replaying all those smiles in my head. How cool was it to help fellow riders as they travel slowly with 500+lbs bikes, through a variety of challenging terrain. It is also fun watching so many different riders put 100% into learning something new. BIG KUDOS to all who smiled with me. P.S. Mathew you are so the shutter king. Thank you! P.S.S. I cannot wait to see the 950SE / 560 challenge pictures… WoW that was a hoot!

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