WARN XT17 Portable

Piece of mind with Warn!  A product we use, carry, and rely on while on the trail.  Not only is having a XT17 on board comforting in the event you get in a tight spot on the trail where muscling the bike free is not an option it also provides you an opportunity to see place others have not as was the case in northern Montana earlier this year.  We used the the Warn XT17 to pull across a closed section of trail due to some earlier avalanche slides and keep on riding.  This section of trail was one of the highlights of 17,000 mile trip and so worth it.  Check out the video we shot about our experience posted on Warn’s blog.  Look for more information to follow we have been using and demoing it fellow riders in the past month since returning from our trip.

A few additional things about the system that can be very useful to know.  On our Alaska to Mexico trip we had two bikes wired to run the winch and the third was hard wired with the same power plug, with this set up we were able to jump start any of our bikes with the same Warn power lead that ran the winch.  The two bikes that were wired with the winch controllers would have to push the “In / Out” button to open the relay in the system but this worked like a charm when we had an alternator failure in the middle of nowhere.

More information to follow in the next few days.



8 Responses to “WARN XT17 Portable”

  1. Edward just bought one at the Black Dog Cycle Works’ Rally (they had an auction for the Rider Down Foundation). Very cool! We’ll be taking it on our backcountry exploration moto trip in September. He’ll be mounting it on his 950 Super Enduro.

  2. mdfehrmann Says:

    Very cool Alisa, my opinion is it’s good insurance on these big bikes. Pick up a Kriega Haul Loop for the front of both bikes, you can pull with the winch right from that, sure makes it easy to hook up, on the adventure you might want to remove the grill for some added space. The only other suggestion I have is wire both bikes to run it, get an extra power lead for when you need the winch more than 6′ away from the bike, and an extra 50′ of winch line is not bad to have either. On our trip we ended up using everything we brought for the winch in one form or another. HI EDWARD!

  3. How much power does that winch use in extended use like you were showing? I assume to bike feeding the winch power has to be kept running?

  4. mdfehrmann Says:

    Yes, we left the bike running during the entire pull. It’s a fairly low draw if you needed to do a quick pull to upright the bike just to get it started then finish the pull with the bike running and you should be all good.

  5. I did a demonstration in a sand pit up at the Wisconsin Central Adventure Rider Rally. I did about a 20 foot pull w/ the bike off and then w/ the bike running at idle. I noticed no difference in line speed. When I bumped the Idle RPM up the line speed would increase. If you can keep the bike running to maintain a charging system I would say do so. The Batteries in these bike can handle the draw.
    Get out and Explore!

  6. I’ve noticed my Shorai LFX18 (Gen 1) tends to draw down rapidly. Always starts the bike great but even heated hand grips alone will draw it down fast past the bikes starting minimum, and no starting after that. Doesn’t “recover” when power off like lead-acid bat sometimes does. When that happens, bad for me since I also have the Rekluse zStart-Pro, no push-start either. That’s why I wondered about extended draw on the Warn.

  7. mdfehrmann Says:

    I have the same battery and gen as you are running and I have never had an issue with it. I’m running grips, heated jacket, com system, gps, and usually charging a battery for something while on the road. Sure you don’t have a drain happening somewhere else in the system causing some issues?

  8. Clif Brown Says:

    No other drain. It can sit for weeks, though only does when I’m flying somewhere, and starts the bike fine. But, if like I did the other evening, bumped my heated handgrip switch by accident (yes I know I need to have it on a relay, RSN) and about an hour later it didn’t have enough juice to spin the bike starter. I carry a mini set of jumpers and just a nudge from a car battery and it was started and charged enough by the bike to start the bike, within 15 minutes. These LIFPO4 batts have a very narrow volts/discharge profile – they will crank the bike full-on multiple times no problem, but then fall off a cliff in the profile and not enough current for a start. As long as you live within the zone, they work really well. I still have the Shorai in my 990S and will use it until it gives up.

    Thanks for the feedback on using your Shorai batt with the Warn.

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