2011 Central Wisconsin ADVrider Rally -Ride Report-

I had a great time this year. Ended up making it up a little later than I had hoped due to an engine swap that took longer than I planned, but it was well worth the drive to ride, drink beer, and hang out. It was great to know that the routes were organized and legal. Lock and Load, hit the trails and leave the worries behind. Then head back to camp for great beer and people. Thanks again and I look forward to next year.Here is my weekend in review.I made it up Fri afternoon around 1pm after about 300 miles. Bryan finds me and asks “Are you going to ride”? I guess that didn’t count….:)I dropped my boxes and some gear and found 3 guys getting ready to leave for the NHL loop on “Small” bikes. I’d try my best to not hold them back. Tony, Jacob, and Scott (I think I have that correct??, correct me guys if I’m wrong) , were ripping it up having a great time and I enjoyed riding last. It’s nice to follow, I don’t get that often. These guys had GPS track and new how to lead. Thanks for waiting up for me and my pig when I couldn’t hold your pace.

About 50 miles in we could see the sky getting black. We decided to press on and found ourselves in the woods seeking shelter. I was fully waterproof in my KLIM Badlands gear, but the other riders were looking a bit wet….

We started getting some very large golf ball size hail and it was bouncing off our seats shooting to the sky again and tinging off my Alum tanks. I don’t recall being out in hail this large. The road started to turn into a river around our bikes.

Jacob in the trees.

Tony in there someplace…

After about 15 min we decided it had slowed enough to press on. No worries of DUST anymore. Traction was pretty good, until we hit the Grass 2-track. The small bikes and full knobbies were sliding a bit. I was riding 50% DS tires. I was all over the place. My tank bounced off a tree sticking out of the trail about shin high and smashed my ankle pretty good. This slowed me down as my bike changed direction faster than I thought possible. I didn’t go down somehow, but it slowed me down. I was getting tired and hungry. We found many deep puddles in the woods and a few kickers for us to launch our bikes in the air to have some fun on our way to lunch.

Back in Grand Junction we gassed up and grabbed some food. I said my good byes as I was spent and would meet them back at camp later that night. You can’t go wrong up in Northern WI. Lots of great pavement if you’re not in the mood for dirt. I enjoyed a nice ride back to camp solo. Ending my day at about 380 miles and a cold beer.

I was a bit tired and not sure what I wanted to do. A day of rest is what my body was screaming for, but that KTM 950 SE was just itching to get it’s throttle twisted today…

I’ve not had a chance to do any trips on this yet and I was looking forward to riding this. OH MAN! This bike is so much different than my ADV, and how can you not have fun on a bike w/ 100hp, 410 lbs, and a 6″ wide rear knobbie tire w/ 2″ lugs…… “Please stay 200 ft back for your own safety!”

Dave, Wayne and I headed out for a Forest loop to MI. We had some fun in the early sand section…. Maybe a little too much fun.

Wayne on the KTM 560 SMR “DS” bike.

Dave on the KTM 640 ADV.

We had a fun day out on the bikes cutting the loop short at about half way and finishing up at about 100 miles back at camp w/ a beer.

Dinner was on the grill and smelling great. I headed over to the “Sand Pit” to do a little demonstration of the new Warn XT1700 Dual Sport winch. It was not an Extreme situation, but showed how to hook it up and some of the features of this new tool that can come in handy when you ride a big DS bike solo, or just need a little more pulling power to get a bike to safety.

I dug the rear wheel in as far as I could and got out the gear.

Loop the pull strap around the head tube above the bottom triple clamp and hook it up to the winch.

The winch line got hooked up to the pull point.

Hook the power lead to the winch and use the bar mounted switch to start pulling.

This setup adds about 9lbs to the bike, but is well worth it when you need it.

Here is a better demonstration of a time we Really needed it.

Next up was the AWD demonstration showing how both wheels pull on this KTM 950 ADV and helps out pulling the bike straight through the deep sand.

After filling up on a great Steak and Chicken dinner and more beer. We retired to the Camp fire…. for more beer.

Woke up in the morn and everyone was gone. I guess it was a late night…

Packed up in the morn and hit the road around noon. Gassed up and followed some of Cannon’s back road tracks south.

These kids had just gotten out of there boat below and ran up to see the “ARMY Bike”.

This a where boats get lifted over the road to the higher section of river.

After following some pavement I ducked in the woods to scout out some trails I’ve not ridden before and looked like they would link through to pavement again. Dirt is always better than Pavement.

Many riders at the rally gave me odd looks when they first saw the WINCH, asking if it ever gets used. Well…. It does and was almost needed here.

Most would have turned around well before, but I was feeling a little “Adventurous” so I continued on until the tall grass covered up the 2-track I was following and the bike got hung up. Resting about 650lbs on the skid plate I couldn’t just pick it up and I already tipped it on the side trying to move it around. I hopped off and stood next to it. The front wheel spun and grabbed traction some how and pulled me free.

No need for the WINCH this time, but w/o AWD I would have needed it.

I wandered around for about an hour back here finding a few dead end, but nothing that would go through. Oh well. It was a great day to be in the woods.

I made it home around 8pm Sun night. Finished the weekend w/ about 800 great miles.


Safe travels,


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