Heading out to KTM National Rally 2011

Sept 12 2011

Mukwonago, WI

Up early with lots to finish up around the shop before I can leave.  It seems like it’s always the little details that take for ever to finish when all you want to do is hit the road.  Heading out on this trip solo, new motor install, new mods installed over the weekend….. What could go wrong….

On my way out of town I stopped in to say goodbye to the gang at Petrie’s Motorsports.  My local rescue crew if anything goes wrong.   My hope was to split this 2,000 mile trip to Lake Tahoe, NV into 4 days of 500 miles each.  Should be no problem.  I have the tent packed and want to camp as much as possible.   Camp food and stove in the bags.   Getting a late start Monday around 1:30pm, this would be pushing it for today. 

Getting across the plains of the US on a bike has never been a highlight of any of my trips.  This would be the 3rd time crossing this season.  I try to just push through it and the temps and weather were on my side this time.  Bad thing about this time of year is running out of day light so soon.  I’ve been trying keep my riding to the daytime to keep from hitting 4 legged creatures that tend to stir this time of year.   I broke this rule and pushed on to make some time as the plains don’t have much to see during the day, so lets blow through it when it’s cooler and dark. 

I made it to Omaha, Nebraska after 500 miles around 11pm.  The bike ran well, but my mileage seems a bit odd.   Last trip I was getting about 450-500 miles to a tank (13 gallons).    Before the trip I richened the carbs a bit after being concerned I had it tuned too lean while running the Moto Hooligan Air filter setup.  http://www.motohooliganperformance.com/store/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=49

I think it’s running a bit too rich, but I’ll do more testing Tues. 

Didn’t get any pics of todays ride.  Imagine 100’s of miles of corn and soybeans.  You’ll get the picture. 😉

Moto Hooligan Air Box Mod/Setup-

I’ve been running the Moto Hooligan Air box setup all season.  It’s the only setup that fits great with the AWD conversion.  I have about 20,000 miles on it now and it’s been holding up great.  The CNC machine work is top-notch.  The custom made K&N filter fits perfect and the new Outerwears helps keep the big stuff from plugging it up and sheds water better.   I ran this air filter setup for our 17,000 mile Alaska Trip with no chance to service it.  Worked great the entire time.  I had no issues cleaning it with the K&N cleaning kit once I got home and giving it another go.

I was running the STOCK KTM jetting as I had nothing else to refer to.  This was the richest option I had.    Before this trip I called up Ken from Adventure Machines.  He’s been offering great jetting kits for our carbed bikes, but didn’t have anything ready for this custom setup yet.   He gave me some pointers and things to try.  I spent Saturday afternoon before the trip trying to find jets to try out.  I found some 170- 172 mains to pop in and give it a try.   Around town it felt great and pulled great in the upper RPM range.  More power than was there before, let’s hope I didn’t go to far….







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