On the road – Day 2

Sept 13th

Omaha, Nebraska –

Up at 6am after a bad nights sleep.   Couple granola bars for breakfast and hit the road around 7am.  50f and clear.  Should be a great day to get some miles behind me.  My plan was to head to towards Laramie, WY via Freeway. From there head into the hills and find a camp spot.

Ended up being a long, boring day.  Lots of straight road and not so exciting scenery.  Figured my MPG was about 25 when going 75 MPH at 5-5500 RPMs.  Ouch. 😦   I was starting to go up in elevation so this wouldn’t be getting any better.  Currently at about 5,000 ft in WY.  I have jets to swap stuff around, but need the time and place to do so safely.  Maybe 165/ 170 would be better?

Stopped in to the Info center off of HWY 80.  Decided to take 130 west to Centennial and see what I could find for a campsite.  It would be great to get onto some Fun roads and use the sides of the tires. 🙂

Getting late and the sun starting to set.  Need to find a place soon.   Cooling off fast.  Temps are about 45F at 10,700 FT.  Bike was down a bit on power but still able to pull me around OK.

Great Ride along HWY 130, WY

Cooling off and the sun about to set through the trees, need to find a camp site asap.

Getting tired…. but some bends in the road let lots of sun shine through.

Need to find a campsite....

Rolled into Ryan Park Campground at 7:15pm to setup.  It warmed up a little at 8,500 ft to 55F.

Ryan Park Campground, WY

Got warmed up over the fire and boiled some water for a great Mountain House Beef Stew dinner.

Warm Fire

I retired my old sleeping bag after the Alaska trip.  The Product reviews in the Outrider Journal Magazine was helpful. http://www.outriderjournal.com/?page_id=1350 ,  I decided to get the Big Agnes Zirkel SL.  http://www.bigagnes.com/Products/Detail/Bag/zirkel20
This would be the first test.
Had a few rain showers off and on today but no big deal.  620 miles and felt great to be able to camp again.  Out at 9pm.

2 Responses to “On the road – Day 2”

  1. William Swartzwelder Says:

    What kind of Helmet /Goggles setup are you using?

  2. Hi William.

    The Helmet is the Icon Variant. http://www.dualsportwarehouse.com/ICON-VARIANT-ETCHED-HELMET-0101-E.htm

    I don’t use goggles w/ this helmet, not that you can’t. I just find that keeping the visor down or sunglasses works for me. I’ll have more pics coming up in later posts.

    I have over 50,000 miles on this helmet now. I carry a Dark Tint visor and a Clear. Swap on what is needed keep the other in my tank bag.


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