Looking for TEST riders!

Looking for BMW 1150-1200 GS ADV riders that are still riding this season!

Trying to offer NEW items to those that care to take the time to follow CJ Designs.  This offer goes out to you personally.

I’ve been making Footpeg Extensions for the last few years for the KTMs.   I’ve got some prototypes ready for the BMW 1150-1200 GS ADV!

If you would like to get a set for testing please send me an Email with your contact info and how you heard about the offer.  We can go over details.  I only have a few sets so DON’T DELAY.  I have these in LONG and STANDARD Length.  Please let me know what size you want to test.


 1)  You need to install and be able to get me miles on these.  ON and OFF road.  Does me no good for these to sit on the shelf. (400-500 miles, at least, by the end of OCT).

2) You need to send me pictures of where and how these got used.

3) Do a short write up on your thoughts and a review of the product to email me.

4)  You need to have pegs that look like this:


(no association w/ ascycle.com, it was just the easiest parts diagram to use)




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