Sept 15th 2011 – Salt Flats to Tahoe

Sept 15th – Bonneville Salt Flats, UT

Sunrise over the Salt Flats.

Up early, it would be a long day of more highway.   I got up at 5:30 am to get loaded up in the dawn.  It was still dark and cool, but warmed up fast packing the bike and breaking down the tent.  No warm breakfast at camp, just some snacks and granola bars.  Lets get down the road , at least make it to NV before I stop for breakfast.   Leg over the bike at 6:30 am.

The sun was rising fast behind me.  The warmth would feel good as it was breezy and 60F.  I stopped at Bonneville Salt Flats rest area to wash up and toss in the contacts now that I’m a bit more awake.  Snapped a few pics…. well I tried to.  The camera and I were not working well together.  Only got a few that looked ok.

Time to hit the road again for a good push into Tahoe.   I still had 500 miles to go, GPS said 7hrs.   I gave myself a little time for some rests and thought ” I should be in Tahoe around 3:30 pm”.  Let’s see how that works out.

I stopped a few miles over the border to grab some breakfast.  Filled up the Hydra Pack with cold water and back on the bike.  It was a pretty easy ride West along I-80.   I was starting to get bored and was glad to have some tunes to listen to.   It was better to look at new scenery of desert and rocks than corn fields and flat, but it was still a long day in the saddle.

I had started the day with my KLIM Aggressor top and bottoms on, it was cool out at 5:30 am, but it was getting warm and a place to drop some layers was much needed as temps had climbed to about 80F.   Found a rest area with some tree for shade.  I was making good time.  Bike was running OK, but when I hopped back on I found a bit of oil dripping from the skid plate.   😦    Gave it a look over and couldn’t find anything fatal,  thinking “I’ll look into it when ,”IF”, I make it to Tahoe”.   If it’s the oil pressure sensor.  I have a spare packed.   Back on the road.  

Zipped through Reno, so glad to be on the bike and not in a cage.  Headed south and my old GPS maps caused me to scratch my head, but following the signs made it through Carson City pretty easy.     Riding into this area was a great change.   The hills were green again, and there were some very fun hills.  Lots of fun on a bike.   A bit busy though for my liking.  Reminded me of Wisconsin Dells.  Lots of Tourists…. who am I to talk. 

Sunny and 65F.  I rolled into Tahoe around 3:45 pm.  Not bad at all.   Felt great to get off the bike and walk around.    Lots of bike stuff going and tents getting setup.   Met up with Chris, from California on his 990 ADV, in the parking lot and dropped our gear in the room.  I had some stuff to look over on the bike and wanted to do that tonight before dinner.  Swapped a spacer out for a bearing in the front wheel drive hub…… Installed the 16th offroad AWD sprocket and chain….. adjusted the chain….. Found a broken rear Subframe.  :O  Yikes.   I’ll fix that later…..  :/    Next thing it’s 10pm.   A new KTM 990 Adventure owner, Jason, found us walking the lot so we all went to dinner.  We were all ready for a beer.

Full Day and can’t wait to hit the trails on Fri.  This place looks fun.

600 miles today.  Made it to Lake Tahoe – Stateline, NV









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