A little service can keep you from walking….

Just a heads up to keep an eye on those out of the way Electrical connections.

After a season of riding my buddy started having some intermittent electrical cut outs. Killing the bike dead in it’s tracks.

Battery was good.

Connections strong at the batter and the relay.

Started wiggling wires and dug deeper.

Burned out plug. These are normally sealed pretty good, but the seals around the individual wires popped out and allowed water and corrosion to start in the plug from the top.

I had an extra wiring harness to get a plug from and swap out the bad one. A new Relay and all was good as new. Not sure where we would have found a new connector otherwise.

Anyone found a good source of these?

Don’t forget to check this from time to time when the skid plate is down. Clean them up and add some dielectric grease. Be ready for that next adventure.

Safe travels,



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