Leaf River, IL Dual Sport Ride 10-29-11

Up at 5:30 am to ride.  Out of the house at 6:45am,  still dark out and cool.   Thermometer said 30F.   Better get some layers on.  It would be about 85 miles from home.   Heading south west to Leaf River, IL for the Fall Dual Sport ride put on by Forest City Riders Motorcycle club.  http://www.forestcityriders.com/
It warmed up to about 50F once the sun came out.   Another wonderful day to be on the bike even if it was a little cold.  The trails were in great shape, well marked and offered superb traction to loft the front end of a 950 when rolling on the throttle down the fields.
The Club put together an amazing 30 mile loop of non stop single track and farm field trails.  Well worth making the trip next year if you’re in the area.
Thanks to all the helpers, land owners and Forest City Riders MC Club to make this such a fun event….  Yes, even on a BIG bike.   Hope to see you next year.
Gearing up and getting ready to roll.
Ready to roll…… than OH NO! Snapped silencer hanger getting fixed w/ some persuasion by Daniel.

Pit area.

Put a 950 ADV on single track “trails” and it looks like you’re on a deer path.

“Making” a 950 fit down the trail.

Byron Nuclear power plant in the background.


Fri afternoon I gave the AWD system a look over and decided to pull the slipper clutch and check the carbon fiber pack.  They had been doused in oil and grime from the last 25,000 miles of bike use.   They were oil soaked and slipping sooner than they should.   Cleaned it up and rebuilt it.  HUGE difference.   The front wheel is pulling strong again and helped drag the bike over the large logs and up the steep hill climbs.
This system continues to amaze me with what I can put this bike through and how much easier it is to do it.



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