Kriega Motorcycle Packs & Luggage Systems

Designed in England by a dedicated team of motorcycle-obsessed engineers, Kriega motorcycle backpacks, motorcycle bags and motorcycle accessories offer innovation, along with the highest standards of functionality and craftsmanship. Kriega kit is built to perform, with an exceptional 10-year guarantee on all packs. Here you can get info & tech specs, as well as buy Kriega online.

CJ DESIGNS 950 Super Enduro 17" kit w/ Kriega tail bag

CJ DESIGNS has been offering tail racks that offer the strength and versatility that most can’t,  proven around the world.

Here is how we combine two great products so you can enjoy packing your bike easier, faster and safer next trip!


We use a simple buttefly clip threaded into the Kriega strapping.   (Included FREE upon request when ordering Luggage products)

Push through the wide slots and pull tight.

Now you are ready to install any of the Kriega DryPacks.   These drypacks are 10, 20 and 30 liter sizes, (US-10, US-20, US-30)  The included straps will also work if you want to rotate the pack 90 degrees to offer a little more back support for a passenger or when used in the US-30+ combo packs and want to have the extra bags attached to the sides.

Kriega Drypack US-10 installed on CJ DESIGNS tail rack

The Tail rack is 11.75″ x 14″x .25″ thick.

When you want to remove the pack you can unclip and leave the straps by connecting them w/ Strap Retainers.

Or you can remove the entire strap, by pulling them back through the slots.   It only takes seconds, leaving you a clear strap free rack and no clips to unthread or screw around with.

Wide, roll top opening for fast, easy access.   These are Waterproof bags, so it’s easy to keep everything dry.  3 snap buckles on the bag opening to keep everything secure.

US-10 on CJ DESIGNS 950 SE


If riding two up, you can stack them.

US-10 on top, US-20 on bottom (US-30 combo)

When riding solo, rest them on the seat.

US-10 at front, US-20 at rear (US-30 combo)

NEW from Kriega is a US-30 drypack.  This kit comes w/ a shoulder strap and waist strap to transform it into a courier bag.  Also included are the NEW Kriega US Alloy hook straps, so fitting it to your bike will be no problem w/ all the strap options included.   We have these in stock, ready to ship.   Working to get them on the site.  Email if interested.

Kriega US-30 Drypack

This bag will fit both the US-10 and US-20 inside.  It’s very roomy, yet still a perfect fit for the CJ DESIGNS tail racks.

Kriega US-30 fit to KTM 950 SE

Using the US Alloy straps to install just as easy.   Drop them through, loop onto themselves, pull tight.

Kriega US Alloy strap hook

US-30 drypack

If you are looking for some other pics or info, please email us so we can update this post.

Thank you for your support and safe travels,




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