Rescue Tape at CJ Designs/ DSW

Rescue Tape is a NEW product at CJ Designs that has become very handy in the tool bag on my bike and in the truck.

I picked up a roll to try before a trip and I won’t travel with out it now. Personally tested and “CJ Approved”!

As a special bonus to our customers I want to give you the chance to try it for FREE!

I’ve used it to clean up wiring harnesses and keep conectors dirt free.  As well as being a quick fix for a leaking bike, I’ve used it to fix a Leaking Human…. when a buddy decided to slice his hand on a trail side repair.  Instant bandage.   This works better than electrical tape as it won’t unravel and leave sticking residue all on everything.   I was surprised to find how versatile this product is and Rescue Tape has become one of my TOP Finds during the 2011 Riding season!

On any purchase over $250 we’ll give you a FREE roll of Rescue tape to keep in your tool box or tool roll. ($12 value)   A FREE Gift that is actually useful for the Dual Sport Rider.   Be the Hero of your next ride.

We are also a stocking dealer, so keep that in mind before your next trip.

Rescue Tape at CJ Designs


Rescue Tape is the Ultimate Multi-Purpose Self-Fusing Repair Tape!

Rescue Tape . . .

• Is Self-Fusing! • Incredible 950 PSI Tensile Strength! • Insulates 8,000 Volts per layer! • Withstands 500° F Degrees of heat! • Remains flexible to -85° F! (-60° C)

Rescue Tape . . .

• Creates a Permanent Air-Tight, Water-Tight Seal in seconds!

• Never gets gummy or sticky like electrical or duct tape – No messy cleanup!

• Has an unbelievably long shelf life!

• Is extremely versatile! • Resists Fuels, Oils, Acids, Solvents, Salt Water, Road Salt, UV Rays

Rescue Tape has infinite uses!

Here are just a few suggestions: • Keep it on board vehicles & equipment for emergency hose repair! • Seal leaky hoses, pipes, tubing, lines, & fittings • Neaten up lines and extension cords in stowage • Wrap tools and handles for a GREAT non-slip grip • Wrap wiring harnesses and custom split-looming • Waterproof electrical connections and terminals • Use it as an emergency fan belt! • Make emergency O-Rings • Wrap hydraulic fittings and other exposed metal connections to help prevent corrosion • Works even over wet, dirty, or oily surfaces! • Use it as a tourniquet or emergency wrap over bleeding injuries • Wrap it around ANYTHING that you want secure, and it will never leave any sticky residue!


We’re not just a retail Store, We are RIDERS.   See you on the Trail!

Thank you for your support,

CJ Designs /DSW.




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  1. […] Earlier this season we offered a Special Promo to our customers including a FREE roll of Rescue Tape on all qualifiying orders to help spread the word of a NEW product we stock.  RESCUE TAPE INFO […]

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