Larger LC8 Oil Jet Available at CJ Designs

We have been using these for years in our bikes, now we offer them to you.  No need to get all the tools and try to do this yourself.

Why do you need this?

-The oil jets controls oil flow to the Clutch booster system/ Fibers and bearings along the clutch pushrod shaft.

Some of the early 04′ came from the factory plugged.  the next year is was changed as these parts need oil.   New bikes come with a .3mm jet.  The larger you go the more oil gets to the parts.  If you have an older bike, upgrade to this jet now.

We’ve found this size is a great compromise.   The larger you go, the harder it is to shift to Neutral from standstill.    The .5mm offers more oil for longer life of clutch components with only a slight reduction in ease of finding neutral at stop.

-The oil jet can get clogged with fine particles.  This should be checked every 5,000 miles.  Most riders never check this until there clutch is acting up.  It might be too late already.

Having a slightly larger hole also keeps it from getting clogged as often.

-This also keeps the clutch cooler.  If you ride hard, more cooling to the fibers is a good thing for long life.

If you run our clear clutch cover, it is instantly apparent that the clutch is getting more oil.  A slight rev of the throttle should cover the window.  If you don’t see this.  The clutch oil jet is plugged.  Pretty easy to help keep an eye on your oil jet system when on the road.

Check or change yours before the season gets in full swing.

I have these in stock now!

$34.99 plus shipping.

thank you,



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