Dealer Meeting 2012

It’s been a long time since I have written a blog post, however, this past weekend at the dealer meeting in Indy has inspired me and has really pumped up CJ Designs.  So, here’s the scoop..

CJ was fortunate enough to have his bike as a demo bike in the show.  David and Harold at Giant Loop were in need of a bike to show off the newest and greatest from Giant Loop, and CJ had a bike that was feeling a little lonely.  So, together, we pretty much made the most happening booth of the show!

Harold, CJ, Dave at the Giant Loop Booth


CJ Designs (Katie, CJ, Matthew) at the Giant Loop Booth


CJ at the Giant Loop Booth. Note the lady checking him out. What a hunk!


CJ chatting with some passerbys

 For next year, my suggestion to Harold and Dave was to get a male spokesmodel for the booth.  Perhaps Giant Loop can come up with a promotional Speedo for this model to wear.  Just a thought.  Anyways, we started out perusing the apparel/luggage section of the show, only to find that there are some wacky folks there, only made wackier with copious amounts of coffee, lack of sleep, and talking for 8 hours straight.

CJ, Eric (Wolfman), Matthew

It was great to catch up with Eric from Wolfman Luggage.  Wolfman showcased some new and exciting stuff, and I must say, Eric has fabulous taste in shoes.  However, while Eric had stepped away fom his booth, the staff of Wolfman were getting a little restless…

Interpretive Dancing in Wolfman


The Natives are Restless!

That said, David was also trying out a new marketing technique by flashing gang signs to the passer-bys. 


Dave and his new gangster marketing tehnique.

Ned Suesse, who just recently competed and completed Dakar, stopped by to chat.

CJ, Ned, and some dude who remained stationary for the entirety of the show in full riding gear with Ned's Dakar Bike in the Klim booth.


Ned, CJ, Matthew at the Giant Loop Booth

We walked through, checking out some of the booths from our other friends, including Klim, WARN, Christini, Kriega, Heidenau, Held.  I fell in love with a new design Held Jacket.  We even met some new friends, so check out the website for some new little and BIG goodies that we have in store!!!  I got a little lazy with the camera, so I only got a couple of shots:

Christini AWD Booth


Rolf, CJ, John, Matthew


Jason and CJ at WARN Booth


Matthew hard at work. He's taking a photo of a scantily clad spokesmodel. Matthew, you pig!

Friday night, CJ Designs dined with the folks at Moto-amore and Heidenau Tires at the Rathskeller for some fine German food in Indy.  Rolf from Heidenau and I wowed the group with a stellar rendition of “Ein Prosit,” and we had a great time!  We also distinguished the difference between kohl and kraut, besides talking about work.  I am excited that I found a new friend in Rolf, and someone I could practice my extremely rusty German with.  I will certainly study a bit and we’ll see you in Germany in 2013 (CJ Designs’ European tour)!!

Dinner at the Rathskeller with Heidenau


Rolf and Katie after singing another German song.

On Saturday, we had another long day at the show, capped off with an evening with our friends at Giant Loop and WARN. 

Dinner with CJ Designs, WARN, Giant Loop. What a lucky gal I am to dine with 6 devastatingly handsome guys.

All in all, we had a good time at the show, and we were able to learn a lot about new and exciting products.  So, stay posted for some dramatic and exciting changes at CJ Designs.  I am bugging CJ to post to the blog some of the technical information about the new products available.
Until then, make sure to eat plenty of Pączkis tomorrow for fat Tuesday! If you know what a Pączki is, then you are even cooler…

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