Klim Blog Review

I know, this is perhaps old news, however just wanted to repost the blog entry from Klim’s blog regarding CJ’s testing of the new Badlands Pro Jacket and Pants.

One observer at Klim remarked (upon getting the prototypes back from CJ for inspection), CJ’s used suit was quite funky after this 2 month, 17,000 mile trip.  I am sure it had quite an odor; just come to our house to take a whiff of the stairway down to the basement where our jackets are hung.  Any suggestions for odor control???

Anyways, check out their blog post here: http://klimusa.blogspot.com/2011/08/klim-badlands-pro-hits-proving-grounds.html.

We have NEW (and non-funky) Badlands pants and jackets available @ CJ Designs to try on!


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